What Will Education in Park City Look Like in the Future?

Park City School District is recognized as one of the premier districts in the country. Our mission is to inspire and support all students equitably so that they can achieve their academic and social potential. The strategic pillars of our community are:

  • Creating the best learning environment for our students and staff
  • Providing clear leadership
  • Recruiting and retaining high-quality personnel
  • Delivering effective communication
  • Working with the community to create a better life for our students

During the 2018-19 school year, Park City School District conducted its “education master planning process” called The Future of Learning. The goal of this process was to create a community vision for the future of education in our District. This plan will guide the development of our educational programs, investments in our facilities, and better define what student success looks like now and in the future.

A New Way of Thinking


In this planning process, Park City School District looked beyond our buildings and considering the whole student experience. In previous processes, we addressed the needs of specific buildings. For this process, we focused on community values and student learning first and then looking at how we can create an environment and improve teaching methods to meet those needs.

Master Plan Options

The following options were presented to the Board of Education on April 16, 2019, following a seven-month process that involved students, educators, parents, community members, and city and county officials. View the options here.

Bond Architects Selected

The district selected MHTN as its bond architect during the 2019-20 school year. MHTN is applying the Future of Learning master plan and Educational Specifications to its design phase. In January 2020 the architects met with elementary and secondary principals and toured secondary schools (PCHS, TMJH, EHMS). In February the design team will review preliminary concepts for secondary schools, the pros/cons of building relocation, and the concepts for elementary school preschool additions.

Meet the Team (2018-2019)

We are working with a team of industry leaders to collect feedback from the community and create a comprehensive plan for the future of learning in Park City.

District Planning Committee

  • Dr. Jill Gildea, Superintendent of Schools
  • Todd Hauber, Business Administrator
  • Anne Peters & Andrew Caplan, Board of Education
  • Todd Hansen, Director of Facilities & Grounds
  • Melinda Colton, Director of Communications

Owner Representative – NV5

Park City School District has retained NV5 out of Denver, Colorado, as its owner representative for the 2018-19 education master planning process.

Education Master Plan Consultants — GSBS Consultants

The Board of Education has hired GSBS out of Salt Lake City to serve as its education master planning consultants.

GSBS – Project Team Lead, Architecture, Demographic Analysis, Mapping

– Christine Richman, crichman@gsbsconsulting.com

– Clio Rayner

– Valerie Nagasawa

Education Planning: Victoria Bergsagel, Architects of Achievement

Community Engagement: Lindsey Ferrari, Wilkinson Ferrari & Co.

Facilitation: Buck Swaney


If you have questions or would like to offer input throughout the education master planning process, please contact the following:

– Communications, communication@pcschools.us

– Eric Esquivel, Relaciones de la comunidad latina, 435-645-5600 Ext. 1436, eesquivel@pcschools.us (Español)