How will we develop our community’s education vision?

The education master plan will be created using a 4-step process:

Step 1: Visioning
This step will include a series of online surveys and other engagement activities designed to identify our community’s values and vision for the future of public education in Park City.

Step 2: Define Guiding Principles & Education Specifications

In this step, our Steering Committee will use the community input we collected in Step 1 to create guiding principles that will be used to create a new educational approach. Our education consultants will then conduct a workshop where we will work with the community to develop educational specifications.

Step 3: Analyze Facilities
After we have defined the educational specifications, we will use them to evaluate our existing facilities to determine how well they fit our community’s values.

Step 4: Final Recommendation & Options Analysis

In this final step, our education consultants will make recommendations for how the District can implement the changes needed to meet the community’s education vision. These recommendations will include prioritizing work that needs to be done on the District’s existing facilities and cost estimates.

Vocabulary Words:

An educational approach is outline of goals and strategies for creating facilities and teaching methods that will serve our community’s needs now and in the future.

Educational specifications are criteria used to evaluate our facilities and curriculum together to determine if school buildings have the necessary spaces to meet our community’s educational priorities.